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Notice: Due to security and legal considerations, not all IACME Fall Meeting speakers are able to provide their full power point presentations for posting on our web site.


2022 IACME Fall Meeting materials

Fall Meeting attendees (in-person + virtual)

Speaker Biographies

Conference Schedule

Sponsor/Exhibitors Contact Information

Attendee Survey (required for awarding of CME hours)

Iowa Suicide 2020: IAVDRS report

Friday, November 4

       Iowa Donor Network presentation

Search and Recovery of Skeletal Remains from Outdoor Settings

Warming Up Cold Cases: Introduction to Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Death in Custody Reporting Act

Searching for Family Members           Printable Genealogy Resource List

Mass Fatalities Planning

Saturday, November 5

Investigation of Death and Possible Abuse of the Elderly

Drugs of Abuse and Out of Scope Findings

Motor Vehicle Collisions Breaking Down the Elements

Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner — Update


2021 IACME Fall Meeting Materials

Speaker Biographies

Conference schedule

Attendee Survey 

Friday, November 5

ME-101: Death Investigation BasicsKelly Kruse, MD; Mark Bethel, F-ABMDI; Jessica Jessen, F-ABMDI

ME-101: Organ Donation—Natalie Oakes, Iowa Donor Network

Current Drug Threats and Overdose Response StrategiesKevin Winker

Suicides: Theory, Practice and InvestigationStephen Holmes, PhD

Sleep-related Deaths in Infants - Abby Collier, MS

State Epidemiology: Lessons Learned and Future Applications - Caitlin Pedati, MD

Iowa Violent Death Reporting SystemWendy Ringgenberg PhD, MPH; Jonathan Davis, PhD

23 & MEs: How an Iowa Family's DNA Solved a Colorado Murder (banquet presentation)—Joan Hanlon

Saturday, November 6

Introduction to Investigating Environmental-related DeathsJonathan Thompson, MD

Suicide and Homicide Scene Investigations Alisha Weber, CCP, ME-I

Things aren't Always as they Appear: How a Suicide becomes a Homicide—Jacob Smith, MD

IOSME Update: Annual Update and Future OutlookDennis Klein, MD

None of our 2021 IACME Fall Meeting speakers has ties with any commercial entity.


2020 IACME Webinar Materials

IACME Death Investigators Webinar Brochure

Attendee Survey

Speaker Bios

Webinar Schedule November 6-7, 2020

Webinar Attendee list

Friday, November 6 presentations

Radiation Safety for Medical Examiners  Angela Leek, CHP

Investigating Fatal Explosions  John Kraemer, MHS, BS, CPM

Investigating Fatal Explosions (text only handout version)

Toxicology Trends/Best Practices in Forensic Toxicology  Sherri Kacinko, PhD

Iowa Violent Death Reporting System  Lisa Roth

Pediatric Abuse  Joshua Akers, MD

Pedestrian and Motor Vehicle Fatalities    Kelly Kruse, MD, MPH

COVID-19 Death Certification  Robert Anderson, PhD; Marcus Nashelsky, MD

Update from the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner  (Dennis Klein, MD)


Saturday, November 7

ME-101: Death Investigation Basics Kelly Kruse, MD, MPH; Mark Bethel, F-ABMDI; Natalie Oakes, Iowa Donor Network

ME-101 (Slide version)

ME-101 (Text only handout version)

Donation 101: It Starts with You  Natalie Oakes



2019 IACME Fall Meeting Materials

2019 Fall Meeting attendees

2019 Fall Meeting schedule

Speaker Biographies

Speaker Objectives/Attendee Survey

CME Reporting Form (medical examiners)

Certificate of Attendance (medical examiner investigators)

Sponsor/Exhibitors contact information

11.1.19 Member Meeting Agenda

Election ballot (approved by the IACME Board 10.10.19)


Friday speakers

ME-101 (Death Investigation Basics)   Kelly Kruse, MD, MPH and Jessica Jessen, F-ABMDI

Iowa Donor Network     Natalie Oakes

Protecting Human Remains in Iowa: Purposes, Laws and Processes     Lara Noldner, PhD

Investigating Fatal Fires     John Kraemer, MHS, BS, CPM

Importance of Autopsy Data to Trauma Programs   Gregory Schmunk, MD

The Pathology of Mass Disasters: 9/11 Pentagon Attack and the I-35 Bridge Collapse     Andrew Baker, MD

Crime Scene Processing and the DCI Crime Labs (Two handouts)     Gary Licht, DCI Criminalist Supervisor

DCI Crime Lab Update

Major Case Fingerprint Template


Saturday speakers

Pediatric Asphyxial Deaths     Andrew Baker, MD

Death Scene Photography: Practices, Procedures and Pointers    Kelly Kruse, MD, MPH and Kip Ladage, MEI

Iowa's State Medical Examiner System: Annual Update and Future Outlook    Dennis Klein, MD

Iowa Case Studies      Dennis Klein, MD

Identifying a Gastrointestinal Bleed at the Scene     Submitted by Heather Sanderson, RN, D-ABMDI

Infant Case Study    Submitted by Mike Thomason, MEI

Black Hawk County MEI and Waterloo PD    Submitted by Tara Duncan, MEI


2018 IACME Fall Meeting Materials

2018 Fall Meeting Attendees

IACME Fall Meeting photos

2018 Fall Meeting schedule

2018 Speaker Biographies

2018 Speaker Objectives and Attendee Survey

2018 Election Ballot


Friday speakers

Chemical Suicides   Captain Bob Suarez

Navigating Iowa's Enhanced Prescription Monitoring Program  Jennifer Tiffany, RPh

Forensic Anthropology: Who, What, Where, When and Why   Heather Garvin, PhD, D-ABFA

Incident Command System: What is it?   John Kraemer, PA

Cause and Manner of Death (For Medical Examiners)  Dennis Klein, MD


Saturday speakers

Toxicology: An Update on OTC and Illicit Drugs    Geoffrey Wall, PharmD

Sharp Force Injuries  Stephanie Stauffer, MD

NamUs: Resources for Missing and Unidentified Person Cases   Melissa Gregory (Paper handouts will be available at the meeting)

Iowa's State Medical Examiner System: Annual Update and Future Outlook   Dennis Klein, MD


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