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Why join the Iowa Association of County Medical Examiners?

IACME membership is a proven value, which is the reason our membership has steadily increased during the past few years.

Every fall, the IACME holds an extremely successful Fall Meeting and Education Expo. The Education Expo is a premier educational opportunity for Iowa death investigators. Attendance at this conference increases each year.

IACME continues to advocate for death investigators and for quality death investigation in Iowa. The IACME maintains a strong relationship with the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner. IACME board members serve on committees of various state agencies involved with death investigation issues.

Without your support, these and other activities on behalf of Iowa’s death investigators would not be possible.

You can pay your IACME dues conveniently online using a credit card. First, fill out the interactive Membership Application form. Then, go to the “Membership Category” button below the form to pay your dues via credit card. We will send you a confirmation email confirming receipt of your payment.

If you prefer, you can print an IACME dues statement and mail it, with your check, to Iowa Association of County Medical Examiners, PO Box 554, Altoona, IA  50009.

NOTE: Online payment is for individual payments or groups up to ten members. The name on the credit card must match the name of the payer. To avoid confusion, if you are paying someone else’s dues, please let us know whose dues you are paying by typing a message in the Additional Information box. If you have questions, email or phone 515.212.9685.


Membership Application

Please complete this interactive form and then click on the PayPal "Membership Category" button to pay your dues online.

Special Note: An alternate email address is requested because some office computer systems block emails from the IACME email address. Your name, address, work phone and work email will be listed on the IACME web site, Your alternate email will not be listed.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: IACME dues MUST be payed by March 31st to receive the member discount for this year's IACME Fall Meeting.

Notice on tax deductibility of dues:
Professional dues may be deducted as a necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes, but may not be deducted as a charitable contribution.
Please submit your dues via PayPal below: